Benefits of Social Media for Business Marketing

The growing popularity of social networking sites led many companies today to the adoption of social media marketing strategies to expand their business reach. While many may impeccably accuse social media sites of addicting us to distraction, they are on the contrary one of the best ways to stay informed of what’s happening throughout the Read More

Creating Trust Through Your eCommerce Website

Ensuring you are as safe as possible when shopping online is a challenge every savvy shopper is faced with. eCommerce website One of the main and significantly prominent obstacles in eCommerce is reliability. Customers may question how reliable is your marketplace? In order to gain the loyalty of customers, you must first gain their trust. Read More

The Continuing Rise of Online Shopping

Convenience by means of being able to purchase items and services whenever a customer wants to is certainly one of the main and evident benefits of online shopping which has become increasingly popular in the last few years. According to asurvey conducted by UPS in 2016, the percentage of shoppers who make their purchases online has been Read More

What is B2B eCommerce. What are its Advantages?

B2B or simply put business-to-business is a model focused on the selling of products and services to organizations.   B2B eCommerce or electronic business transactions between companies is a broad term used to describe an eMarketplace which deals in B2B retail and/or wholesale i.e. high volume orders. B2B eCommerce sector has come into sight as Read More

The Origination of SalikoMall.com

Inter Group’s newest division SalikoMall.com continues to bloom with success since its recent conception. After months of hard and dedicated work, the website was launched to the public with an aim of facilitating E-Commerce by connecting buyers and suppliers from all over the world via an online wholesale B2B marketplace. Inter Group The parent company Read More

Relaunch of Wholesale Marketplace

We have relaunched our wholesale marketplace and we are excited to introduce to you the all-new SalikoMall.com ! We’re delighted to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. We have been working hard to relaunch the wholesale website to create an improved and a more user-friendly experience for our visitors. The website is Read More

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